Recognizing disease

How do you recognise a sick cockatoo?

A cockatoo is sick if you can notice one or more of these symptoms:

The cockatoo is…

  • apathic
  • displaying a slowed response to what’s happening around him
  • keeping his feathers puffed up
  • keeping his eyes closed or sleeps a lot
  • having fluid running from its nose
  • having fluid or slime next to eyes or nose
  • breathing with noticable sound
  • refusing to eat
  • skinny or is losing weight

By the way this cockatoo postures itself, it can be seen that it is sick.

If you are looking into buying a cockatoo that shows one or more of these symptoms, it is better to wait with the purchase until the problems have cleared. Buying a sick cockatoo will only give you heartache and trouble. It can also be very expensive to find treatment for the bird.

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Some symptoms on the list are worst than others. When a cockatoo refuses to eat or drink or is very apathic, you should consult a vet as soon as possible.

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