Duster the 89-year old cockatoo

Duster is an umbrella cockatoo born in 1925, and still alive and kicking! And screaming too. She was a showbird caught from the wild and trained in California. Now she lives a retired life in Florida. Check out Dusters video and see for yourself how proper care and attention can let an Umbrella cockatoo live … Read more

Arguing with a cockatoo

This Moluccan cockatoo does NOT want to do what it’s told. All cockatoo owners will recognise this. To read a bit more about Moluccan cockatoos, read our species page Moluccan Cockatoo.

Cockatoos more inventive than expected

Cockatoos are smarter than previously thought. In behavioral biology, “tool making” is seen as one of the most complicated behaviors. An animal creates his own tool in order to reach its goal. The animal then has to be intelligent enough to have a goal, to know there is a problem and to find the solution … Read more